Morgan M. Evans

I work with leaders to create intentional structures that foster healthy cultures, enable effective feedback and sustain rapid growth.


With a background that ranges from community organizing to mediation and neon sculpting, I am wholly rooted in the changing landscape of work life social structures. Our modern landscape of “people and culture,” “learning and development,” and “employee experience” is one easily parroted, yet rarely manifested. We need new tools to understand this workforce—those of all ages who yearn for meaning in Monday. So now we bring our whole selves to work, introducing the office to opportunities for well-being, more-than-profit, and realness—but with that, blurred boundaries, undefined paths, and compromised protection. 

Investing in your people is about investing in long-term roadmaps, efficacy through support, and human-driven business models.

Shall we?





• Executive coaching 
• Career navigation
• New business formation
• Leadership development
• Business partner coaching



• Off-site design
• Retrospective + postmortem facilitation
• Group diagnostics
• Conflict mediation
• Cohesion-building
• Custom workshops



• Change management
• Scaling people operations
• Mission and values development
• Resolution of inter-team tension
• Culture-building
• Feedback system design
• Strategic planning
WORKSHOPS: Blameless Facilitation + Feedback Can Save The World




"Morgan exudes the perfect blend of "I got you" confidence and humble flexibility. You can feel you're in good hands working with her, and you know that she can respond to the room's energy and needs as they ebb and flow. She's also very disarming and can bring the best out of everyone."
– Jennifer Brandel, Co-Founder and CEO, Hearken

"Talking with Morgan feels incredibly productive. She can help me evaluate challenges and see things from a broader perspective to make the most informative decisions for my company."
– Emily Isenberg, Founder and Chief Creative Director, Isenberg Projects

"Morgan is an expert problem-solver. She had the intuition and skill to challenge, empower, and validate me at the exact right times to ensure optimal professional growth. I am certainly a better, more empowered and more courageous leader because of my work with her."
– Sid Solomon, Director of Student Supports, Community Roots Charter School

"Morgan came into our company as an outsider and created a safe environment where my employees felt comfortable confronting an incredibly tough internal situation. After taking the time to work through these problems together, we’re in a stronger place as a team than we’ve ever been before. Morgan has a gift for putting people in a mindset where they can be open and honest, and helping them tackle what feel like impossible situations. You honestly can’t put a price on the incredible work she does."
– Jess Weber, CEO and Creative Director of co-sign

"Every meeting with Morgan is like confiding in a friend, talking to a therapist, and getting advice from a mentor all wrapped up in one. Every time she leaves the studio our minds are blown by her astute observations and simple solutions that were difficult to see on our own. Morgan has the wonderful ability to make you feel recognized, safe, and heard, while simultaneously employing an uncanny ability to unearth themes and generate concrete points of growth and action for your team.”
– Melissa Deckert and Nicole Licht, Founders of Party of One Studio

"Morgan's remarkable gift for bringing people together and moving them towards a shared vision blew me away."
– Mara Zepeda, Co-Founder and CEO, Switchboard

“Working with Morgan was truly a delight. From our very first conversation, Morgan engaged deeply with me to understand our organizational needs around feedback. The workshop itself was so beneficial to our organization as it was the first feedback training for many folks in the room. Morgan's expertise and thoughtfulness as she went through not just how to give feedback, but why it feels tough to begin with, was seamless. There was room for engagement, questions, practice, and quiet reflection. All in all a wonderful balance. Almost immediately, our organization has been asking for and trying to give feedback more. I'm so excited to see how this positively impacts our culture in the longer term!”
– Nina Jacinto, Director of Operations, DataKind



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